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What do we do?

**Co.Lab** builds confidence through learning by doing, empowering and connecting aspiring technologists to ship products through collaboration.

Essentially, we put motivated folks across Product Management, Design and Development into agile groups, to ideate and launch a real product within a matter of weeks. It's meant to simulate the real work environment, such that participants can get a taste of what the role truly looks like, while still in a supportive and teaching environment.

✨ Why do we do what we do?

Breaking into and excelling within tech is difficult. And it's especially harder if you're doing a career transition, or coming in without your standard college degree. Not having the right network and support is a huge barrier for many people in terms of getting into the industry, and feeling like they belong. This is the case for almost all of our participants.

With Co.Lab we want to empower and instill confidence in our Co.Laborators that they can absolutely make a difference, just as themselves and the unique experiences they bring.

✨ Why mentor?

We assume you already have some sense as to why you want to be a mentor for Co.Lab! Here are some reasons anyway though: