We're looking for regular guest writers/content creators for the Co.Lab blog/other social media channels!

We currently have an audience of roughly 40,000 on the Co.Lab newsletter + social media channels. These are generally enthusiasts about product management and product development (which includes design and engineering, with a focus on a leadership or strategy perspective).

If you're interested in joining forces, and having us help curate, edit and amplify your relevant content (with full credits to you), this is the opportunity for you!

<aside> 💡 ✅ If you’re interested…


  1. email [email protected] with:
    1. one topic you’d like to write on
    2. a realistic ETA for when it’ll be ready for review
  2. we’ll get back to you with some suggested guidelines

Note: The goal is to have contributors on a regular (~one article per month) basis. If you only have time to do this once and don’t intent to contribute further, please consider waiting on this opportunity!

Examples of what we’ll do: